Saturday, May 30, 2015

Hong Kong

At this moment, I'm sitting on the floor of the Hong Kong Airport waiting for my flight to Hanoi. So far the trip has gone smoothly (aside from two security searches, an explosive check, and wandering the Hong Kong Airport for way too long because my flight didn't have a gate). The flight from Hong Kong to Hanoi is only two hours...a piece of cake compared to the 10-hour flight from Sydney. 

I'm not complaining about the flight from Sydney though. It was one of the best super long flights I've been on. At first, I was dreading it because when I checked in, I was assigned a middle seat "because the flight was really full and all the window and aisle seats were taken." Turns out that wasn't true at all! The two seats next to me ended up being empty so I had ample room. Extra space + two blankets + three pillows + good movies + back row (nobody disturbed me while I was sleeping!) = a very successful flight. 

I still don't totally believe I am heading to Vietnam! I'm really excited though and ready for the adventure. Wish me luck! 

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