Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter Show

I'm a little late to the party with this post as Easter was a while ago (or so it seems). Anyways, Easter in Australia is a big deal. It’s a four day holiday weekend complete with the Sydney Royal Easter Show and hot cross buns. Those are the big differences I noticed compared to the states at least.

While the Easter show sounds like it could be an actual show or performance, it’s actually more like a county fair with a fancy name. And in the city.

Pete, Ash, Anderson, and I went to the Easter show the Friday before Easter. Despite the rain and crowds, we had a great day exploring and eating our way through the show.

We ate lots of food: crumpets with nutella, coffee, dagwood dogs (corndogs) and cheese on a stick, lemonade, pork buns, nachos, and ice cream. Oh boy, that list makes me sick just thinking about it!
Nice try, Pete!  

We saw lots of fun sights:

A map where people places stickers to mark where they are from.
Ash & I proudly put our sticker in Washington. We were only two of four! 
The 'American' food at the show

But the most of fun of all was getting our showbags. What are showbags you ask? Only the best things ever! U.S. fairs take note. There is a shed full of stands with showbags. You buy a showbag for a small price and it’s full of things of a certain theme. For example, Ash and I both got a Style bag that had a purse, hat, scarf, sunglasses, hair thing, and many other random samples and things. They have lots of bags for kids, bags full of chocolate, and many other random things. So cool!

The showbag shed craziness 

Happy with our showbags!
Anderson got George from Peppa Pig for his showbag

Oh, and hot cross buns. Maybe I’m just uneducated, but I only knew they existed because of the nursery rhyme. Have you ever had hot cross buns? They're pretty good!


  1. Show bags?! This sounds like an amazing concept. Looks like you had quite the hippity hoppity Easter :). Miss you!

    1. A totally amazing concept! Easter was great, wish it could have been with you guys again though. Miss you too!